The following are some of my original
stories and their synopsis'.

THE HERD – Available at Friesenpress and Amazon.
(My first published Graphic Novel series) CEO Fox Canidae isn’t having a good day.  With his beautiful wife, a (reasonably) well-behaved kid, and Foxy Fruits, his bazillion-dollar fruit juice company (the backbone of Maple City’s economy), life should be great!  But possible sabotage at his factory is threatening catastrophe for the entire city.
Unknown to Fox, his company’s best researcher, Professor Doctor Monkey-Shine, is a mastermind with “The Pack”, a villainous gang that knows no limits.  The Professor has “accidentally” dropped his own top secret formula into the bottling line of the company’s new juice sensation.  What should have been a slam-dunk, blockbuster product launch is now turning into a supernatural pandemic with Maple City’s citizens at the centre.
Fox knows he has to make this right; after all it started with his company!  To save his family and the city he loves so much, he uses the impacts of the Professor’s own formula to create an elite group of superheroes called “The Herd”.  In a race against time Fox must save the city and stop The Pack from spreading the pandemic beyond its borders.

The Herd Media Kit PDF

Future Planned Publications:

FARM FREAKS – Farmer Ron’s quiet little farm is about to get a whole lot louder!  Unbeknownst to farmer Ron, his animals are who REALLY run the farm, under the strict regime of his prize bull – Boris Smirnoff.  When a new batch of animals move to the farm to make it their new home (cause no one else will take them), it doesn’t take long for Boris to understand why!  Curdled the Cow, the leader of this group of misfits, understands what it’s like to be different, as he proudly shows off his utter any chance he gets.  He encourages his animal companions to own up to their bazaar foibles….unfortunately that comes bundled with playful maddening chaos that gets under Boris’ tough hide all too soon!  Turning his once grey, bland, structured farm into a colorful tapestry; the Farm Freaks show that accepting change, being different (even if it’s a little odd) is okay - as long as it’s being yourself!
DUEL DRAGONS – Long ago, an island was hidden by Merlin’s magic to protect its inhabitants of mythical and legendary creatures from the dangers of mankind.  As centuries passed, the island and its citizens evolved with the times in its own familiar way.  The island continued to remain secret from mankind….until now!  Enter Trevor and Phil – Dragon brothers.  Best of friends….when they get along that is.  In their regular day to day life, (whether playing video games, geeking out over pop culture, or trying to not be eaten by their ravenous barking pet pig – Charlemagne) they can’t stop bickering long enough to notice that the first humans in centuries have discovered their island paradise home.  An evil scientist, Dr. Sin, along with his mother, Lady Maureena, and his slow witted monster Mult, accidentally crash land on the island during a prison escape and make settlement in an abandoned castle.  Their arrival, however, has also caused the unrest of Dr. Sin’s dead brother Nat, (after an experiment went wrong) to return from the grave as the undead until his brother is returned to prison.  Nat befriends Trevor and Phil in an ongoing adventure of repeatedly unknowingly thwarting Dr. Sin’s plans to harvest the rare and mystical resources from the island’s inhabitants for his own diabolical means!
MONSTER MEMOIRS – What happens to monsters when they’re not on the big screen giving the world its scares?  They must have regular lives right?  Welcome to Horrorwood - A place where these monsters live their everyday celebrity life.  This documentary has a camera crew following the lives of these famous monsters to see what they do when they’re off the screen; through interviews and never before seen footage.  Whether it’s Joe Wulf’s (the werewolf) carpentry company, or Bobby Blank’s (the invisible man) Shop of Mirrors, or following Dr. Vincent (the vampire) as he performs surgeries, it will all be captured – showing that their lives aren’t much different from yours or mine.  The documentary crew will also meet the next generation of monsters.  Capturing their point of view on the expectations from their parents to follow in their footsteps, and carry on their monster title.  Their lives are all about horror when onscreen; but off screen it’s nothing but drama!
THE FATES – In the future, earth is attacked by an alien race known as The Slates; in what became known as “The Red War”.  This alien race depletes planets of their inner core’s heat to fuel their industrial development.  They attack planets with a living organic fire that leaves a red ash in its wake.  This isn’t the first time they’ve visited our galaxy; as Mars fell victim to their pillaging thousands of years ago.  Although earth eventually won the many years long “Red War”, the death toll was in the billions and most of the world was left uninhabitable.  Mankind now lives in a super city called New King City, (in what’s left of North America) under the ruling of one Government.  A Government run by The Twins – a corrupt and powerful brother and sister team who govern with an iron fist and spend the people’s over taxed money on their diabolical secret plans and experiments with the alien technology left behind.   The citizens of New King City live in constant fear of their leaders.  This corrupt ruling soon affects a group of friends, each in their own personal way.  Through a series of interweaving events, each of them gain supernatural abilities – whether directly through the government’s experiments or indirectly through its corruption.  They join to become a team of rebellious vigilantes known as The Fates and rise up to take revenge on their corrupt Government.  Little do they know the broad scheme of things and the reasons for The Twin’s way of ruling were to take certain measures to prepare for a returning threat of another alien war.  In an ongoing battle where the defining lines of good vs evil are blurred, it’s all a matter of perspective as to which side The Fates are fighting for.

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